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This project is supported by The Central Qld Coast Landcare Network through funding from the Australian Government's Caring for our Country

Caring for our Country

Pioneer Catchment & Landcare Group is supported by Mackay Regional Council through the Natural Environment Levy and Reef Catchments (Mackay Whitsunday Isaac) Limited.

Reef Catchments Mackay Regional Council

Land for Wildlife (2006 - 2007)

Main proponent:     PCL
Cash funding:   PCL
Other proponents:  
In kind funding:   Volunteers

Project outline:

Project achievements and outcomes:

PCL’s staff, on a volunteer basis, kept the Land for Wildlife program active in our catchments from the time government funding for a local Land for Wildlife Officer was withdrawn until the program was taken up by Mackay City Council (now Mackay Regional Council) in 2008.  In this time we registered 5 properties in the catchment, covering 77.8 Ha.

Landholders involved in LFW