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This project is supported by The Central Qld Coast Landcare Network through funding from the Australian Government's Caring for our Country

Caring for our Country

Pioneer Catchment & Landcare Group is supported by Mackay Regional Council through the Natural Environment Levy and Reef Catchments (Mackay Whitsunday Isaac) Limited.

Reef Catchments Mackay Regional Council

Slade Point Reserve (2009 - 2011)

Main proponent:     PCL
Cash funding:   Australian Government Community Action Grant
Other proponents:   Mackay Regional Council, Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service (DERM), Reef Catchments Mackay Whitsunday Isaac, Slade Point State Primary School
In kind funding:  

Project outline:

Slade Point Reserve is a 73 hectare public reserve in the Mackay region. This project implemented aspects of the Slade Point Reserve Management Plan 2008-2018 through the development of educational resources, and by hosting working bees and events at the Reserve designed to engage and educate the community.

The project will engaged over 300 individual community members in coastal ecosystem conservation by holding 5 commuinty working bees, developing school activity resource material related to the Reserve, hosting 2 school activity days in the Reserve. Additionally a professional contractor was hired to undertake 1 weeks weed control work.

On-ground activities will restore native habitat and build community knowledge of the Reserve’s ecological value. All on-ground work will be maintained into the future by the Reserve’s trustees and community members engaged through the project.

Project achievements and outcomes:

At project completion, PCL has:

  • Coordinated and delivered 5 community working bees;
  • Developed school educational material, including a PowerPoint presentation and a reference booklet for plants in the vicinity of the Teal St entrance of the Reserve;
  • Delivered 8 school educational sessions (4 in class and 4 visiting the Reserve), involving more than 180 children.
  • Developed one rehabilitation plot with school children with 54 trees planted encompassing 200m2
  • Promoted this project through a wide variety of activities including:

-      displaying information at 6 local events (BSES, EcoExpo, Finch Hatton Show, schools meeting, Transition Town events x 2);

-       distributing 200 flyers to houses adjoining Slade Point Reserve and at local shops;

-       advertising working bees on signs at Reserve entrances; and

-       publishing 4 media articles (May and July Envirochat columns, April Neighbourhood Watch, April PCL newsletter).

  •  Facilitated contractual works of over 90 hours of weed management priority species of threatening and noxious weeds.
  • Conducted two community information walks through reserve focusing on localised native species and the threats to the accompanying ecosystems.
  • Organised Conservation Volunteers Australia to undertake a range of activities throughout the reserve over a five day period.

Weed control works undertaken by local contractor, including control of the heavily invasive Goose Foot (Syngonium podophyllum).

Information walk through Slade Pt Reserve wetlands. Attendees included Mackay Regional Council, Reef Catchments Mackay Whitsunday, Queensland Parks and Wildlife, Ergon Energy. Presenting speaker—Irene Champion, Society for Growing Australian Plants, Slade Pt friend of the Reserve

Volunteers get stuck in to clearing woody weeds.

Students from Eimeo State School learn the importance of pioneer species in the Slade Pt Reserve.