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This project is supported by The Central Qld Coast Landcare Network through funding from the Australian Government's Caring for our Country

Caring for our Country

Whitsunday Catchment Landcare is supported by Whitsunday Regional Council and Reef Catchments (Mackay Whitsunday Isaac) Limited

provision of the nursery site, irrigation water and mulch for revegetation projects
Reef Catchments

in kind donation of administrative support
Whitsunday Regional Council


Need A Hand With Your Land?

Land Management Advice 

Sustainable Land Management Advice and Assistance Fee for Service Schedule Sustainable Land Management Advice and Assistance Fee for Service Schedule (773 KB)


Site visit & property management advice. (Verbal)    

Site visit with property owner to discuss owners specific issues and provides verbal advice about weed control, endemic vegetation and recommended actions to rectify issues identified. Owner to take notes


Land Management Plan (LMP)2-5ha Non-commercial Property 

Comprehensive, site specific 3 year Land Management Plan covering site specific weed species identification & management techniques, endemic vegetation type/classification & plant species found on site, revegetation plan & ongoing management advice. Plus 40 native tube stock.


Weed Control undertaken on behalf of the landholder by qualified & licenced WCL Staff.

Initial Site visit: To discuss landholder requirements, site access, topography, water availability, weed type & appropriate control method.

3.1 Selective/ targeted weed species as determined by landholder i.e. Lantana, guinea grass. 
3.2 Revegetation site preparation- targeting weed control within a specific area as determined by landholder.
3.3 Biological control of specific weed species - hourly rate plus cost of biological controls Madeira vine, prickly pear.
3.4 Manual control of selected weed species (cut & paint, basal bark - i.e. cats claw, prickly pear, pond apple, rats tail grass.


  •  To comply with the QLD Agricultural Chemical Distribution Act, private landholders engaging others to undertake weed control using motorised herbicide delivery equipment on their properties , must  use contractors with a Commercial Operator’s Licence. 

  •  Each site requires site specific recommendations for best practice land management advice in the context of current Local, State & Federal Governments Environmental regulations. 

  •  Recommended management practices are developed in consideration of Landholder long term intended use for the site and the best way of achieving these outcomes. 

  •  WCL will not be complicit in the deliberate destruction of endangered vegetation types, habitats or illegal vegetation clearing and will advise the client of any potential conflict in the initial project discussion phase. 



Pastures: Mackay Whitsunday region - A guide for developing productive and sustainable pasture-fed grazing systems.

Horse Property Management

Visit the Equiculture website  - a resource and learning tool for responsible horse ownership; forming the link between horse care, behaviour, training and welfare with good Landcare/ property care for a healthier horse and environment.

More horse information can be found at Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation